At the age of 80, after a long fight with the insidious disease, died the most famous Czech singer Karel Gott. He was an international star and had many fans in Germany, Poland, Austria and Russia and other european countries.

The legend of the Czech and Czechoslovak music scene, which has indelibly entered the hearts of millions of fans, died on Tuesday in the night in the circle of his family. Karel Gott recently admitted that he has had cancer and that he has acute leukemia.

He should receive the highest state honors for his lifelong work. But he died before President Milos Zeman was able to honor him. "Now is the time for respect, remembrance and prayer," told presidents spokesman for

Karel Gott has been on stage for almost six decades and has sold more than 50 million records, according to estimates. He received 22 Czechoslovak and 20 Czech gold awards, and more than 60 gold plates, seven diamond plates, recorded approximately 300 albums and more than 2600 songs.

The news of the death of the pop legend hit everyone. The Czech-Slovak music world without Gott cannot be imagined by many. Fans of the Czech singer Karel Gott on the occasion of his 80th, which he celebrated in July 2019, could buy a commemorative euro banknote with his portrait.


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